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Ratling Gunner

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The Ratling Gun is a six-barrelled monstrosity of a gun, powered by warp steam and operated with a hand crank. This fearsome weapon of unparalleled rate of fire is normally operated by a Clan Skryre weapons team, but the version deployed in Ubersreik seems to be of a lighter, experimental type, capable of being moved and fired by a single Skaven. Encumbered by the weight and unwieldiness of the weapon, the Ratling Gunner is far from quick on his feet, but once he cranks up his weapon and opens fire, warpstone-laced hell is unleashed. Single minded and persistent, the Ratling Gunner will pick a target and then continually track it, firing relentlessly until either the weapon jams, needs to reload or the hero lays dead and shredded beyond recognition. Much like his colleague the Poison Wind Globadier, the Ratling Gunner wont let a small fact like Clanrats or Skaven slaves blocking his line of fire stop him. If a Hero can keep her wits about her (or him), the Hero can make the Ratling Gunner mow down his kin, whilst dodging from cover to cover. However, be sure to not get caught in the open, or face a rapid fire death in a hail of warpstone gunfire.


Unreliable Technology

Skaven technology is unreliable at best and the temperamental Ratling Gun will sooner or later jam in the hands of its fumingly agitated wielder. Do not squander this golden opportunity for retaliation.

Flanking Maneuvers

While the Ratling Gunner is focusing on one of the heroes, make sure to work as a team and flank it. Attack from multiple directions and stay close to potentially life-saving cover.

Spray And Pray (To The Great Horned Rat)

The Ratling Gunner has no regard for the lives of lower ranking Skaven, so while it's a risky move, the heroes could potentially use this for their benefit.


Armoured: yes
Poison Resistance: 100
Difficulty Health Ratling Gun
Easy 5 3
Normal 6 3
Hard 7 3
Nightmare 8 3
Cataclysm 10 3