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The lowest of the low in the Skaven hierarchy, Skavenslaves perform the most menial and/or dangerous tasks, and constantly face the threat of being devoured by their kin. In battle, they are deployed for meat grinder tactics, swarming the enemy in sheer numbers, and therefore lack armour and decent weapons. The Skavenslaves will always attack in great numbers, either through a coordinated attack signalled by a battle horn, or through an ambush. If they manage to surround you, fight with righteous fury and pray to Sigmar you'll live.



The Skavenslaves' lives are filled with misery, and their lives are considered worthless, so they fight with the ferocity of a creature with nothing to lose.


Individually weak, the Skavenslaves' strength is in their numbers. If the player allows the Skavenslaves to surround them, their chances of survival will drastically decrease. If you can, find a tactically sound position to fight them.

Ambush From The Shadows

The Skavenslaves are put to effective use as ambush troops, using their small size to hide on the roofs and in the sewers. Keep constant vigilance!


Armoured: no
Poison Resistance: 70
Difficulty Health
Easy 1
Normal 2
Hard 2
Nightmare 3
Cataclysm 5