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Stormvermin portrait


Wearing heavy armour, red cloth and a crest adorned helmet, the Stormvermin are among the fighting elite of the Skaven clans. Well trained in the use of halberds, they are tough challenge in one on one combat. Stormvermin will mix up stabs, swings, blocks and parries, to always keep the players on their toes. The Stormvermin are often seen ordering the Clanrats around, shouting instructions and egging the rest of the army on, thereby bolstering their aggression. They are leaders in battle, and will not break and run as easily as the rest of their kind.


If the Stormvermin manage to get past the players' defence, they will cause a significant amount of damage with each hit. Stay alert, and remember to block and parry their attacks.


Not only are the Stormvermin hard to kill, but they will also use their halberds to push you away from them and into the waiting Clanrat swarms. Dodge, heavy attacks, blocks and parries are your best friends in these scenarios.

Armoured To The Teeth

Stormvermin wear heavy armour and are therefore quite hard to kill. If possible, use weapons and attacks capable of piercing armour.


Armoured: yes
Poison Resistance: 100
Difficulty Health Cleaving Attack Sweeping Attack
Easy 8 20 15
Normal 9 30 20
Hard 11 40 25
Nightmare 14 50 30
Cataclysm 20 100 50