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Stormvermin Patrol

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Facing a lone Stormvermin can be quite a challenge, but taking on a whole Patrol is borderline suicidal. Using their tactical training, the Stormvermin Patrol will quickly surround individual heroes and with just a few well placed blows bring the player to their knees. If the Patrol is engaged, the players must work together and be constantly aware of their surroundings if they are to survive. The Stormvermin Patrol are the only enemies in Vermintide that can be avoided, if you manage to sneak past them. While you may risk bumping into them later as they continue their patrol, avoiding them is oftentimes the safest and best bet. Accomplishing mission objectives is what will win the war, not suffering unnecessary casualties in pointless engagements.


Tactical Terrain

If the players engage the patrol, whether intentionally or not, they must be mindful of their surroundings as they desperately fight them off. Sometimes a well-placed push can send several of those pesky Stormvermin flying off the edge.

Avoid If Possible

By pressing the Shift button, the players can effectively sneak past the Stormvermin Patrol. Picking a fight with them will result in casualties, so if you care for your team, stay frosty.

Armoured Threat

Due to their armour, the heroes must use armour-piercing attacks or head attacks if they are to have any effect on the Stormvermin. Make sure your strikes count.


Armoured: yes
Poison Resistance: 100
Difficulty Health
Easy 8
Normal 9
Hard 11
Nightmare 14
Cataclysm 20