Night Runner's Skull

Gutter Runner's Skull

Assassin's Skull

Badge of Protection

Badge of Shielding

Badge of Warding

Bull Head Ornament

Minotaur Head Ornament

Bale Taurus Head Ornament

Crooked Moon

Ancestor Pendant

Lichebone Pendant

Scavenger's Cylindrical Box

Magpie's Cylindrical Box

Night Prowler's Cylindrical Box

Emblem of the Phoenix

Valiant Emblem of the Phoenix

Gunnery School Guide, Basics

Gunnery School Guide, Advanced

Gunnery School Guide, Expert

Packmaster Fetish

Moulder Fetish

Spine Rune Fetish

Engineer's Tools

Senior Engineer's Tools

Master Engineer's Tools

Mending Charm

Healing Charm

Charm of the Hedge Wizard

Symbol of Shallya

Dove of Shallya

Silver Dove of Shallya

Fermented Herring

Teufel Perch

Rainbow Fish

Helmgart Wine Skin

Flask of Sartosan Rum

Pouch of Soothing Leaves

Pouch of Balsamic Spices

Pouch of Relaxing Herbs

Star of the Sisterhood

Mysterious Flask

Cryptic Flask

Arcane Lustrian Flask

Vial Rack

Rack of Enhanced Vials

Rack of Masterbrew Vials

Seal of the Runner

Seal of the Scout

Seal of the Swift Strider


Gleaming Luck Stone

Stone of Pure Luck

Sturdy Emblem of Shallya

Bone Saw of the Barber Surgeon

Bone Saw of the Apothecary

Bone Saw of the Medicus

Ghal-Maraz Pendant